Endings and Beginnings

My grandkids reminded me that there are only about 2 weeks left of summer vacation, it’s ending soon.! Their Mom reminded me… School begins soon!!

Life is full of endings and beginnings. We have some exciting news about something beginning in the Fall of 2019 here at LebNaz!

Starting September 1, we begin 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Watch for information and news about the kick off. Part of our prayer focus is going to be about the beginning of a 6 week, All adult Sunday morning group that will being September 22. All of the adult classes will meet together for the 6 weeks, get to know each other, meet the other teachers and draw closer to God! After the 6 weeks we will disburse to our classes again, renewed energized and excited about new material and studies in each of those groups!!

Don’t Miss Out!

Seeking God

Excerpt from a devotion I read….. 🙂


“The heavens are telling the glory of God. So we can seek him through that. He reveals himself in his word. So we can seek him through that. He shows himself to us in the evidences of grace in other people. So we can seek him through that. The seeking is the conscious effort to get through the natural means to God himself — to constantly set our minds toward God in all our experiences, to direct our minds and hearts toward him through the means of His revelation. This is what seeking God means.”

It’s a New Day

There are many exciting things taking place at Lebanon Church of the Nazarene! The foyer has a brand new look! We have a new Children’s Ministry Director and Team to work with her! New classes and new small groups have also started and it’s a wonderful time to be Back To Church. Join us!