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I ran across the following two quotes this past week :

A disciple is a person – in – process who is eager to learn and apply the truths that Jesus Christ teaches him[ or her], which will result in even deepening commitments to a Christ – like lifestyle. ( Adsit, Personal Disciplemaking, 35)

A Christian learner will demonstrate continual dynamism, flux, change, growth, He’ll [she’ll] never “arrive” because the Lord will continue to expose areas where He wants to bring about deeper commitments and more profound changes. [Adsit]

Pastor Sheridan has been teaching on Sunday mornings about Spiritual Disciplines. His Sermon PowerPoint slides are available on this website and if you have missed any of this series you should take a look and ‘catch up’ – it’s been Great teaching, powerful challenges and ” solid food’ for maturing as Christ – Like Disciples!