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The birth of Jesus Christ  was an event, the life of Jesus Christ  was an example, the death of Jesus Christ gave both of those things meaning and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ gave them power.

Of all the events that defined the life of Jesus… A miraculous birth, a test in the desert, a supernatural baptism, the sermon on the mount, the miracles He worked..

The Bible commands us to remember only one; His sacrificial death. Why? Why aren’t we commanded to celebrate His birth or commemorate His miracles but to remember His death?

In His birth He became Emmanuel – God is with us. In death He became Savior – God has saved us. In Resurrection He became Redeemer – God has renewed us.In birth and life He revealed the possible. In death and resurrection He MADE it possible.

He became our example in how He lived and loved, but it was not enough that He was our teacher, He had to become our Savior, Redeemer. ” It is for your good that I am going away, unless I go away the counselor will not come” John 16:7

With His Resurrection we are reborn a Holy people.His birth was the incarnation, His life was a Revelation but His death was our Salvation and His Resurrection is our Restoration.

That’s why we Celebrate! Come join us Easter morning at 10:45 am to Celebrate our Risen Savior and Redeemer.