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I am using a devotional right now that is called ” Teach Me To Pray”. Each day this week has been on the Lords Prayer, and I am going to share a little of what I’ve read.

” When you pray [using the Lord’s Prayer], say; ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Luke 11:2. Doesn’t this sound backward? You come to God in prayer to tell Him what you want, and then Jesus says that a better way is to come to God in prayer and first ask Him what He wants.”

When I read that I thought, “Oh my!” that’s what I’m doing – a lot of asking, but not first asking for the right thing: What it is God wants in my life! The author of this devotion made a point : You won’t know what is good for you until you are tuned into His goodness. You won’t know what is the smart thing to pray for until you are first tuned into His wisdom..”

So how do you ‘tune in’ to what the smart thing is? What the good things are? You spend time with God of course! Setting aside time on your own in His Word, in small groups with other believers , make being in church a priority. It’s  where God speaks through the Worship, the Pastors, and His people. Then very importantly – finding time to be still and listen.