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We have some exciting news and some great things happening that you can be in prayer about! We have an NYI President and a Council in place!. (NYI = Nazarene Youth International) Our youth group parents are working in unity to support our youth group. They are planning events and activities, volunteering to lead classes groups and studies, to chaperone events and make our Youth Group and exciting place to be.

More exciting news… We have a new LebNaz Women’s Ministries Director. Mary Boykin has prayerfully agreed to lead this ministry! Planning is going to take place soon to get the calendar filled with some great activites and events for the women of Lebanon Church of the Nazarene.

Be in prayer for these and all of the ministries of LebNaz – Our Primetimers, Men, Couples and Children’s Ministries too!

2013 is going to be AWESOME!