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How incredible to see God working through His people!

This past week, following one of our Growth Groups, we were talking out in the foyer of the church and a member of the group commented on the lesson topic with tears in her eyes how hard it is to keep joy in your heart when so many things in life keep piling on. Over the past four years her family has gone through some very difficult times financially and that day she and her husband received news that it would become a possibility that they could lose their house. She was at the end of her means and didn’t know what to do. There in the foyer , she looked at me and asked, ” How can I have joy?”

I responded,” You will have joy, because God is your joy. Because you are God’s and God is yours. He will provide!”

Another group member standing with us said, ” That’s easy for you to say, you are not going through it!”

I said, ” That is true, but I know what it is like to have to trust God and find my joy in God when times are their toughest. We had a one year old baby girl and my wife Laura was diagnosed with cancer.” God was our joy through that very difficult time.

I left the conversation thinking and praying, God, I know you can provide; you can do anything; will you do it here? I really hoped so.

I received a text message the very next day from the woman who had asked “how can I have joy.” She asked me to thank the person who gave them $1,200 to meet their need! I responded: Praise God, Jehovah-jirah. The Lord will provide!I told her I would love to thank whoever gave that money to you , but this is the first I am hearing of it. I know that through someone’s obedience and open heart to God that He provided.

Then I prayed, God you are awesome! You are still the same – yesterday, today and forever!! Jehovah-jirah!

God doing miraculous things through His people – How awesome is that ? !

Pastor Sheridan