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Some people like the Christmas rush. They love being part of the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. The mall is festooned with Christmas trees, colorful balls and tinsel, while the mood is set with popular carols. They love this type of environment and they love running around, getting the perfect gifts for their loved ones seeing all the lights and decorations. Going to concerts and programs and parties.

Actually I love it too. ( and I miss my Vermont snow, which makes it even more Christmassy in my mind) But in the last few years I’ve found my self over stressed, over emotional and over tired through out the holiday season. Then before you know it – it’s January and it’s all over and I feel like I missed it all….again! I wonder what’s wrong with me!!?  How do I get myself in this spot?

I’ve’ been thinking about it a lot this year and I believe that I know what’s wrong. Well – a lot of things that are wrong. A lack of planning – overloading my calendar – expecting too much of myself – and forgetting the most important things.

This year as I enter the Thanksgiving/Christmas season I am purposefully asking God to re-adjust my priorities, my plans, my heart. If I blow through the end of November and December and get to January and say “What happened” , something is seriously wrong! I am determining that I can only do so much. What I decide to do I am going to do well and not take on a dozen extra things and only end up doing them halfway. I’m not going to exhaust myself and be the Grinch when the grand-kids want to share the wonder and joy with me. I am going to be in God’s Word faithfully this month, daily experiencing what this season is all about. I want to be open to Jesus this year, I want to find time to meditate on the wonder of His birth, the prophecies being fulfilled, the hope and love that Christmas represents.

All this is nothing new…. we read articles all the time about how to slow down and enjoy Christmas, we are intelligent – we know we are packing way too much in to this time of year, but we still do it …I;m just sharing with you what is going on in my heart this year, my plan, and maybe it will encourage you to really think before you add another date to your calendar.  I hope that however you plan this next month you can Enjoy, share the wonder,  and fully experience again the excitement and joy of Christ’s birth!

Blessings ~ Vicki