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One of the books I am reading right now is by Elisabeth Elliot. This week, I ran across the following:

“These two sayings of Jesus seem to be in contradiction.  “It is…a hard road that leads to life: Matt.7:14 and “My yoke is easy: Matt. 11:28. Perhaps we can understand the harmony of the two if we think of two friends hiking a mountain trail. The trial is steep and very rocky and gets steeper and rockier the nearer it gets to the summit. The company of a friend does not make the distance shorter, but it makes it seem shorter. It doesn’t eliminate any of the rocks but the rocks don’t seem so terribly daunting. { Receiving Christ as our Savior and walking the path with him halves our burden] The road is still a tough one, but the roughness won’t matter nearly so much.” From – The Music of His Promises

I am glad that I have Christ to ‘hike the path with’ aren’t you!