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October 15th 20 married couples from LebNaz descended on Mamas Fine Italian restaurant here in Lebanon and so began an evening of fun, friendship, fellowship and I’ll admit … a little hilarity! Bob and Chris , the owners, were expecting us and our tables were ready and we were served our drinks and [wonderful] bread-sticks immediately as we settled in to the beautiful new dining room. Pastor Sheridan had created for each of us – small table placards with each couples name and what we had ordered – and with his effort and the great waitstaff at the restaurant there was little wait for our delicious dinners. Although…. even if there had been, we were having so much fun getting to know each other even better that it wouldn’t have mattered!

The meals were fabulous and the servers were efficient and friendly and fun and Bob the owner treated us so well that it was hard to finish up an head to the church. Waiting for us were tables set with flowers and tablecloths and  three beautiful and scrumptious cheesecakes  and coffee made for us by Terry Layman and his wife Carole. ( Terry & Carole:  they were the best! Thank you so much)We enjoyed dessert and lots more fun and then Pastor Sheridan and Laura shared with us – first a little about a couples ministry beginning , then some thoughts and insights on marriage, then a clip from the movie; Fireproof and the first challenge from the “Love Dare” the workbook and devotional for couples that goes with the movie.

It was a great evening! If you missed it – don’t worry. This is just the beginning!