Happy Mother’s Day – a word of encouragement

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Being a Mom is no small thing, and it’s different and unique for every Mom. Some stay at home, others work , others are in school… others are Grandmothers taking on the Mom role……

I read this this week and wanted to pass on the encouragement! Happy Mothers Day!

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-Vicki 🙂

“Sometimes, motherhood can feel all-consuming, and we desire a release valve for the pressure of continually attending to the needs of little ones. We may find ourselves turning to other passions to try to escape the demands of motherhood. And while we all need rest and refreshment regularly, we cannot turn to external sources of distraction or work to replace the refreshment that only Christ can give.” No matter what your season of motherhood looks like, God can meet your need for refreshment and renewal right where you are, regardless of whether that includes pursuing an external passion or not. He sees you and he loves you, and your identity is secure in Christ.
As moms, we can take heart that when we are obeying our Lord above all else, he delights to work out the details of our callings and passions as we walk in step with him.” ( Anne Swindell)