Week 12 ~ Ashes to Fire

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“The beginning of [John Chapter 14] reveals that the disciples were dealing with separation anxiety, the fear that sets in when someone very important to you is about to go away. Their question is our question…”How can we know that God loves us and that God abides with us”.Jesus gave them and answer. He said the way they would know his continued presence would not be through a few religious acts or spiritual moments. They would know his presence by living into all that he taught them, a life surrendered to God and lived consciously in his presence…Jesus went on to say that thses disciples would have more than a memory of what once was. They would enjoy a present and real experience of the presence of Jesus in their lives. It would not be a long distance relationship, even though Jesus was returning to heaven. In fact, there would be a way that Jesus would actually live closer and more intimately with them, How would he do that? It would happen through One who Jesus called the Paraclete, usually translated as ‘Comforter’. … Do you realize what a powerful gift this is? “(Ashes to Fire Daily Reflections Week 12)
When we confess our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, then the truth is that his Spirit lives in us. Are we listening to him? Are we obeying the essential things he taught us about how to live? Do we love him by keeping his commands? Our relationship with Jesus continues through his Spirit and it will deepen and grow as we continue loving him by doing his works and keeping his commands.