Week 9 ~ Ashes to Fire

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A man was carefully looking at a painting in the Art Institute in Chicago when he was joined by a small boy who stood beside him for a moment. They were both looking at a crucifixion scene from one of the masters of the Renaissance. The man, wondering what the little boy understood about the scene, said, “What is that painting about?” The boy said, ” Don’t ya know? That’s Jesus and those people around him killed him;they killed him until he was dead.” The man satisfied that the boy knew, turned and started to walk away. He had only taken a few steps when he heard the voice of the boy calling to him, “Mister, Mister!” The man turned, “He didn’t stay dead ya know, He didn’t stay dead,”the boy said.
That is the single truth that trumps our fears and doubts. It is the answer to every hurt and disappointment in history. He didn’t stay dead.We had a great Easter Worship Service and now we are
heading toward Pentecost in our Ashes to Fire series ~ in the coming weeks we will see how the disciples go from Sunset, to Sunrise…look at the Good Life…Find guidance and comfort and learn a lot about living Truthfully. You won’t want to miss any of the rest of this series! ~ Vicki