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We at LebNaz are about to begin a new series titled: B.E.L.L.S. The first letter of the acronym:B is for Blessing.

I’m looking forward to Sunday – April 30 at 10:45 am as this series kicks off and in preparation I’ve been reading some things about being a blessing. The following is from Bible.org

An African proverb states, “There is only one crime worse than murder on the desert, and that is to know where the water is and not tell.” God has blessed us with His salvation and He promises to bless us even more abundantly in the future.

But He didn’t save us so that we can sit in the lifeboat feeling warm and cozy, oblivious to the lost of the world. He saved us so that we may become a blessing to others. If you’re saved, but you don’t have your focus on blessing others, you’ve only got half the picture. He blessed you so that you may become a blessing.