Summer Challenge

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Summers can pose a major challenge to our faith and obedience to Christ.

Pastor Sheridan has been challenging us to not let that happen!

In summer, as in all other seasons, our number one priority must be fellowship with God. We need to seek Him, love Him and serve Him. Be in the Word, Be faithful in prayer, Keep connected to church.

It’s not a coincidence that some of the best times of spiritual growth in our lives are also times of Christian Fellowship – time spent with other believers. We are influenced by those we spend time with. I know that the week of serving with others in VBS strengthened me, boosted my faith and encouraged me. Family Camp is another opportunity to grow spiritually by slowing down and taking time to fellowship with great people who love God.

We are a little over halfway through your probably very busy summer – full days and longer evenings… don’t forget to set Sunday aside to come together and Praise the God of Creation, The Savior and King who loved you so much He gave his Life for you.

It has to do with choosing your priority.