Back To Church Sunday

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This Sunday, September 13, is Back to Church Sunday at LebNaz. We are inviting all those who have been missing out on church to join us for a great message and time of Worship.

Why do we even go to church?  You go to school to get an education so you can make a living.  You go to work to make money so you can pay the bills.  You go to the gym for exercise and better health and possible to lose weight.  You go to the mall to shop for clothes and the grocery store to buy food.  You go to the lake to fish and ski, the ball game to cheer on your favorite team, and golf course for fun.

But church?  Why go to there?  Why get up early on one of your few off-days?  Why go through the hassle of dressing up and getting the kids ready?  Why go to the trouble of finding a parking space near the front and pew space near the back?  Why go to church?

The church gives us a place to belong, church gives us an opportunity to praise the God who made us, church helps lead us to spiritual maturity, church prepares you for ministry – for giving back to God through service, and  being a part of the church helps you to understand and carry out your life’s mission… what God created you for.

“The truth is, church isn’t just something you attend; it’s something you are.  When you understand what it means to not just go to church, but be the church, you discover your life’s true purpose; you were made to be a member of his family, to magnify his glory, to mature in his image, to be a minister of his mercy, and a missionary of his grace.” Bill Crowder