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Here is an excerpt from a blog I ran across this week. I thought it was good stuff!!


“How many in God’s Word have felt inadequate or have wanted to quit in their service for the Lord? Can we not think of several? Men like Gideon, the mighty man of valor, who feared to do what God called him to do. Or the great leader Joshua, who had to be encouraged to “be strong” as he stepped into Moses’ shoes. And Elijah, who faced down a host of prophets, but then fled from a woman’s threat. Then there is Peter, who failed his Lord miserably and returned to fishing. All of these men felt inadequate and yet they were exactly the men whom God wanted to use.

At times we think that God wants us to be “Super Christians,” when in reality God just wants us to be us with His enablement. David, when getting ready to go against Goliath, attempted to be like Saul as he put on Saul’s armor. But, that wasn’t who David was. David was just a shepherd boy who had no armor and whose only weapon was a sling. When David did finally go into battle against Goliath, as ridiculous as it seems, God just wanted to use a shepherd boy with a sling to kill the giant.

We may feel inadequate at times to do God’s work. And yet we are fully equipped to do whatever God has called us to do.” – Ben Shore