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Can’t believe it’s January 21, 2020! Happy New Year!! What a great start to a new year!
This past month your LebNaz Church has been a great giving church. Many Christmas gifts were given out on Christmas Eve to all the children from birth through 5th grade, some very nice gifts this year. Wow! Makes me wish I was a kid!
The stove of one of our shut-ins went kaput and was replaced by an anonymous donor from our fellowship (God knows who you are and will reward you with treasure stored up in heaven.) Good thinking!!!
The Marriage Group became aware of a homeless family (a mom, boyfriend, and kids) living in their car. They jumped into action and gave $250 to help with hotel, food and a bit more. The mom has a job but lost housing and is in process of getting back into housing as soon as possible. The Marriage Group helped them get through the crisis.
The Prime Timers Group voted to give an $80 one-time donation to meet an urgent need the Lebanon School District had. They needed apples for the backpacks for the children that are in the Weekend Backpack Food Program.
Our LebNaz congregation took an offering for Shayla Teichroeb who is on a mission trip and in need of funding. Our church raised just over $700 to get her back home safely and with some food money.
Vicki Brown, LebNaz Office Administrator, was granted a Sabbatical through the end of March for some much-needed rest and renewal to help with her overall health and well being. She has carried quite a load over this past year with my Sabbatical and hospital stint with pancreatitis. For whatever and whenever she was called on, she filled in. Now she is on break. We hope it is a good rest. Pray for her. Vick will be back April 1st (no fooling!)
Oh, I could tell you of more generosity coming from the LebNaz Church and people, but I am limited in words and space. Know that God is a good and generous God who blesses His people. God’s people at the LebNaz church are just like Him. We are all blessed to be a blessing.