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LebNaz will begin a 9 week Spring Revival Series on May 3, 2015!

How can we know that we need revival? What are some signs that the fire is burning low? Ask yourself if these apply to you.

*Prayer is no longer a vital part of your life. It’s just something you do occasionally.

*You have grown content with your Biblical understanding and you don’t hunger anymore. You have gotten all the knowledge of the Bible that you need. You could sit in class and talk about the Bible for hours but not be different when you are done.

*One sure thing is that the gatherings of God’s people are not eagerly anticipated. You can hear the preacher talk about be here for Worship on Sunday Night and for Bible Class on Wed. night and you know in your heart that you have absolutely no intention of going. It is not even important to you to even THINK about going. Absolutely the fire is burning low.

*Another, is certain sins can be indulged in your life and it won’t bother your conscience. You can easily mouth songs and scriptures and nothing happens in your heart. You can hear God and his standards mocked with no indignation. You can listen to, read and watch morally degrading material in the name of entertainment.

*Divisions and quarrels in the fellowship don’t bother you.

*Injustice and human misery almost never cross your mind.

*A sure sign is that the lostness of people without Christ never crosses your mind. You never stop and see all the people in the mall and freeway, the ballgame and think they don’t have Jesus.

*Never think about or sense God’s presence in your life.

*That strong desire just to praise the Lord almost never wells up in your heart. In fact your heart doesn’t leap for joy because there is not a song there.


–          based on Rick Atchley’s series Revive Us Again